What is Lurking in Your Tap Water?

Is my tap water safe to drink?

Kitchen Sink Tap Water

It is a question every home owner asks – is my tap water safe to drink? If you are using city, or municipal, water, the short answer is probably “yes.” However, it is not always that simple. City water is supposed to be brought up to EPA standards. Due to costs and treatment technology required, this is not always the case.

Government Drinking Water Regulations

How are the government standards set? People from the government, scientific and academic communities evaluate existing and possible new standards annually. So what was considered safe last year may not be acceptable this year!

While the government decides what they consider as ok for us to drink, we can provide ourselves with much higher quality tap water. A water treatment system called “reverse osmosis” removes over 90% of just about anything that can be in your tap water and a lot of contaminants over 99%! So even though the government considers your water safe, you can enjoy much higher quality water for your family to drink, cook with and make ice with now.

What you might want to remove from your Tap Water

Just because your tap water is safe to drink does not mean it is good for your clothes, piping, and fixtures. Hardness is not considered a health hazard so most city waters are very hard. They contain large quantities of hardness minerals that wreak havoc with water heaters, piping, fixtures, dishwashers, clothes, skin and hair! A water softener is a great way to remove these minerals, which we do not need for nutrition, and cost us a lot of time and money to deal with.

The Chlorine used to keep city water sterile as it travels from the plant to your home or business is a health hazard. Chlorine produces carcinogenic by-products that we end up drinking, breathing and bathing in. Whole-house chlorine filters are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. The chlorine has done its job; we do not need it in our homes.

Think about this: less than half of 1% of city water is used for human consumption. Over half of city water, on average, is used for non-residential purposes such as commercial industrial, fire and hydrant flushing. We are treating over 99.5% of city water for non human consumption. Someday we will just treat water for how it is going to be used at a much lower cost for higher quality tap water!

For now, American Clear Water LLC. can help you to treat the most common complaints about city or municipal tap water.

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