Water Treatment Options in Carlisle

Water Treatment Options in Carlisle

Whether you have city water or well water, water treatment options in Carlisle may be necessary.  American Clear Water LLC. can offer Carlisle residents water treatment options regardless of your water source.

well water treatment options in Carlisle

City Water Treatment Options in Carlisle

For Carlisle residents on city water, American Clear Water LLC. offers the 300 Series City Softener.  Hard water is simply, water that contains more minerals such as calcium and magnesium than ordinary water.  Many people who have experienced hard water knows that soap does not dissolve as well in hard water, leaving mineral buildup, soap scum and spots on your dishes.  Additionally, hard water can cause excessive damage to your household plumbing, appliances, and clothes over time.  While hard water is not a serious health risk, it can dry out your skin leaving you itchy and flaky. Prevent these common hard water issues with our water treatment options in Carlisle.   The 300 Series City Softener, will not only soften your water by removing the calcium and magnesium but also the chloramines and chlorine.  Do not let city water ruin your home when a simple solution such as the 300 City Series City Softener can be installed. 

Well Water Treatment Options in Carlisle

While well water has some great benefits, it can also have added iron, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium resulting in hard water.  For customers on well water, American Clear Water LLC. suggest using the 300 Series Softener, 300 HD Series Softener or the Sidekick Iron Removal System.  The 300 Series Softener will remove the excess calcium and magnesium from your well water reducing your water hardness.  In addition to removing the excess calcium and magnesium, the 300 HD Series Softener and the Sidekick can also filter out iron and sulfur from your well water reducing any red, orange, or brown sink stains and metallic tasting water.

Water Treatment Options in Carlisle

American Clear Water LLC. highly recommends any well water customer use an ultraviolet water sterilizer.  Unfortunately, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms can get inside your well affecting your water quality.  With our PFC Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer any well water bacteria will be eliminated without changing the taste or smell of your water.  And most importantly without the use of any added chemicals.

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