Water Problems & Solutions

A trained and experienced water treatment professional should be consulted to accurately diagnose and properly treat water problems. While there are many water problems and solutions, the following is a sample of some of the more common water problems we encounter. Call us today and we’ll help you find the right solution for your water concerns!

I am not sure if my water is safe to drink.

We will take a sample of your water to a certified lab to be tested for pathogens such as bacteria. Please note that our complimentary on-site water testing is not suitable to test for unsafe drinking water.

I have a rotten egg or sulphur odor in my water.

Well water problems are common in Central PA. Elemental sulphur, certain bacteria, and even your water heater anode rod could be the source of this odor. If your water heater anode rod is determined to be the culprit, the solution is simply to replace it. If the problem is elemental sulphur or bacteria, a good solution may include chorination/filtration, or installing a low maintenance “green” air oxidation and filtration unit.

I have blue or green stains on my fixtures.

You either have copper in your water supply, or you have copper pipes and acidic/corrosive water, scavenging gas bubbles, or electric ground electrolysis. Once we determine the source of the copper, we can eliminate it by correcting improper electric grounds, adding an acid neutralizer to your system, or implementing a solution to eliminate scavenging gas bubbles.

I have reddish brown stains in my sinks and other fixtures.

Reddish brown stains are normally caused by iron in the water. You must test to determine the amount and the type of iron you have. Some types are: oxidized, soluble, colloidal, bacterial or organic-bound. All are a problem! It only takes 0.3 ppm to stain clothes, fixtures, etc. Once we determine the type of iron you are getting in your system, we can eliminate it using a water softener system, a low maintenance “green” air oxidation and filtration unit, or through chlorination/filtration.

I have white mineral deposits on my fixtures.

Water with high concentrations of calcium and magnesium (hard water) will leave these deposits wherever water evaporates, such as faucet outlets, sinks, dishwashers, tubs and showers, ice cube makers, pet water dishes and more. We can remove these nuisance minerals with a sodium or non-sodium water softener system. These problems can also be eliminated with the Aquacera treatment.

My ice cubes taste bad.

Water problems involving taste and odor can have many causes. Some of the more common culprits are chlorine, metals, organics, dissolved solids, and minerals in your water. Comprehensive water testing is critical to accurately diagnose the source of the problem. Once diagnosed we can implement whole-house filtration, point-of-use filtration, or make use of a reverse osmosis system.

Water Treatment Services

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