Water Treatment Equipment Maintenance / Repairs

Equipment Maintenance in PA

With over one-million private wells throughout Pennsylvania, well water is a major source of potable water in the area. Because wells draw untreated water from underground, bacteria and organic pollutants are commonly found in well water. Other more common well-water problems in Central PA include hard water, corrosivity, iron, and hydrogen sulfide. Treatment is necessary to keep your family safe and healthy. Well water treatment can provide clean drinking water to your family.

Maintenance Items Include

  • Water softeners
  • RO’s
  • UV’s
  • AN’s
  • Sidekicks
  • And more!

Other Services Include

  • Well pumps
  • Pressure tanks
  • Pressure switches
  • Raising buried wells above ground
  • Boiler coil cleaning
  • And more!

SideKick™ Single Tank Aeration Filter

Well Water Filtration

The SideKick Single Tank Aeration Filter is the answer to rusty iron stains and bad sulfur smells.

  • Updated Design – The new filter design requires less maintenance than the single-tank iron and sulfur filters offered in the past.
  • Improved Efficiency – This filter has an optional ozone generator that can be used to disinfect the system if iron or sulphur bacteria are present.

Not sure if you need the ozone generator? Try the filter without it and if iron or sulphur bacteria develop, the ozone generator can be added at any time.

Ultra Violet Sterilizers

Well Water UV Treatment

An Ultra Violet Sterilizer is necessary when well water tests positive for microbiological contaminants, such as Coliform bacteria or E. Coli. Even if well water has not tested positive for bacteria, many homeowners choose to install an ultra violet sterilizer for protection against changes in water quality.

Well Water Treatment for Central PA

If you are unsure of which system will fix your water problems, please feel free to contact American Clear Water LLC. today or give us a call – (888) 832-1913! We offer free water tests and recommendations. You deserve clean, safe, soft water.

Have hard water? We offer water softening solutions as well!