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Did You Know?

A water softener is the only way to fix hard water.

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Water Treatment By American Clear Water LLC.

  • Extends the life of your plumbing by removing hard minerals from your water.
  • Reduces soap residue for better looking skin and hair.
  • Provides better tasting, healthier drinking water.
  • Saves money on detergent and results in cleaner clothes.

What would you like to change about your water?

American Clear Water LLC. provides whole-home well water and hard water treatment solutions through Central PA. Hard water and well water are common problems in our area, making a filter or water softener necessary in many homes. Call us today to find out how we can save you money and increase your family’s comfort, safety and quality of life!

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Our Services

Filter or Water Softener?

We talk to you to get a complete picture of what you do not like about your water and how you use water. Next, we test your water, analyzing your water source and delivery system. We recommend water treatment solutions custom designed for you and your situation, being sure to thoroughly explain how they will solve your concerns.

Common Water Problems in Central PA

Did you know that rainwater is nature’s distilled water? It contains no minerals until it comes in contact with minerals on the ground. Because of our mineral-rich landscape, Harrisburg and its surrounding cities often have mineral-rich hard water! In addition, many of us rely on well water, which has its own challenges. Do you suffer from any of these issues, common in the Harrisburg area?
  • A rotten egg or sulphur odor in your water
  • Blue or green stains on your fixtures
  • Reddish brown stains in your sinks
  • White mineral deposits on your fixtures
  • Bad tasting water or ice cubes

You are not alone!

Water Treatment by American Clear Water LLC.

Contact us today for your free water analysis. Get sparkling water fast with hard water treatment from American Clear Water LLC.
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American Clear Water LLC. is a water treatment company that specializes in well water treatment, hard water treatment, water softeners, home water treatment, home water softening systems, & home water filtration systems.

Free On-Site Water Testing

We’ll make recommendations for treating your water based on the test results. $129 Value!


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