Water Softener Equipment

Whether you have a well to supply water or are on municipal city water, there are many ways to improve the safety & quality of your water. Well water can contain numerous hazards such as bacteria, iron, sulphur, etc. Well water can also be acidic and contain high levels of hardness. Municipal/city water contains chlorine and/or chloramine as well as high levels of hardness. These problems can be harmful to your health and your home if left untreated. Read below to learn about the many different equipment options that can remedy these problems with your water.

Clearion 300 Series Water Softener

The Clearion 300 Series Water Softener is the standard water softening system. It costs less than the 2300 series water softening system and is a great choice for high-efficiency soft water!

FEATURES water-softener-equipment

Simple one tank design
• Reduces hardness (Calcium & Magnesium)
• Reduces Chloramines, Chlorine, taste and odor
• 300 Series™ timeclock or meter initiated controls
• Advanced Electronic Technology & Simple programming
• Adjustable cycle times
• Calendar Day Override (metered versions only)
• Battery Back-Up
• 3/4” / 1”FNPT stainless steel bypass valve
• High Flow 1” distributor tube
• High capacity cation exchange resin
• High Flow brine safety float assembly,
overflow fitting, grid plate, and brine well
• Other valve options available at an additional cost
• Features Enpress® Vortech™ mid plate technology

The Clearion 300 Series system is a great option for small spaces or for a smaller family with less of a demand on the system. 

  • Worry Free – This system boasts fully-adjustable cycles for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Space Efficient – A two-tank water softener takes up surprisingly little space.
  • Low-Maintenance – The 300 Series’s storage capacity and high efficiency, means salt needs to be replaced less often than a cabinet unit.

Clearion 2300 Alternating Duplex Water Softener

2300 Series Water Softener

The Clearion 2300 Alternating Duplex system is the best solution for wells and 24/7 soft water!

  • Worry Free – This high-efficiency water softener has no time to set and battery backup in case of a power outage.
  • Ready When You Are – The multiple tank system assures 24-hour soft water, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating.
  • Well-Water Friendly – This water softener system is ideal for households with well water since clean, soft water is used to regenerate the off-line tank meaning less maintenance from debris build-up in the controller.
  • High-Volume System – Larger families, multiple bathrooms and showers that are used often every day will benefit from using this system.
  • Expandable – Add sections for UV’s, RO’s, Acid Neutralizers, Big Blue Filters, Sidekick units, City Softener, Regular Softener, Chemical Feed Pumps, Media Filters, etc.

The Clearion 2300 Alternating Duplex Water Softener is recommended where treated water needs to be delivered at all times of the day.

Hard Water Treatment for Central PA

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