Is A Home Water Filtration System Right For You?

home water filtration system

Everyone is concerned about the quality of the drinking water in their home. For many a home water filtration system can significantly reduce contaminants that we do not want in our water. Whether you have well water or municipal water, a whole home filtration system may be needed to get the water quality that you want.

Before deciding on a water filtration system for your Central PA home, it is important to understand the types of water provided to your home. The water professionals at American Clear Water LLC. divide water into three easy-to-understand classifications: raw, utility and drinking water. Each type of water has different levels of quality. It does not make sense to water your lawn with bottled-quality drinking water. Similarly, you may not want to drink raw water but it is perfect for watering your lawn!

Raw Water

Raw water, regardless of the source, is probably fine for many industrial/commercial purposes, as well as fighting fires and flushing hydrants. But once it reaches your home, you may want to modify it for the end use. For example, for watering the lawn, landscaping and gardening, sediment filtration may be all that is needed to prevent clogging of sprinklers and hose nozzle/hand sprayers. Sometimes, even this water may need further treatment if it stains cement walkways, driveways, brick or stone.

Utility Water

The second water type is utility water for throughout your home. What is utility water? This is water used for anything other than drinking, cooking and ice. If you have well water, a whole home filtration system may include reduction of sediment, iron, sulfur or anything else that stains fixtures or causes odors. To remove sediment, a wide variety of water filtration cartridge filters and automatic back washing filters are available. It maybe be necessary to use filters coupled with other treatment forms like chlorination/retention/de-chlorination and water softening to obtain an acceptable water quality for utility water throughout your home. If you are on municipal water, chlorine/chloramine reduction will also be very beneficial to your appliances and health.

Testing and evaluation by a Water Quality Association (WQA) certified professional is the best way to determine what type whole house filtration is best suited for your individual situation.

Drinking Water

Finally, let’s look at your drinking water. Water that is used for human consumption like drinking, cooking and ice should be safe and enjoyable to use. A great system is a point-of-use system called reverse osmosis (RO). It incorporates several forms of treatment: sediment, carbon and molecular filtration. RO reduces most possible contaminants by over 90% and many over 99%! It produces a water that can match any bottled water. In fact, often bottled water is produced using RO! (Check your bottled water labels.) RO has a separate drinking water faucet that that is installed at the kitchen sink separately from your regular faucet and can also have a line run to your refrigerator for RO water at your water and ice dispensers. RO water is also great for pets and house plants!

Do You Need A Home Water Filtration System?

A whole home water filtration system can take many forms. As repetitive as it sounds, for any water concerns and peace of mind. It is best to have a WQA certified professional evaluate your water system, usage and quality to be sure that you have the most effective, reliable, low maintenance, properly installed and economical treatment for your water quality needs.