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Do you have hard water?  Are you looking for a water treatment system?  The majority of the greater Harrisburg municipal and well water is hard. Exceptions include Harrisburg City water and some spots and veins of acidic water scattered throughout the area. The national average water hardness is 10 grains per gallon of hardness from assorted minerals and mainly limestone. Mechanicsburg municipal water varies from about 16 to 24 grains per gallon of hardness. That means that if you are a customer of the municipal water in Mechanicsburg, every 270 – 440 gallons of your water contains one pound of rock! (An average family of four will use about 300 gallons per day of water.)

Combat Hard Water –  Water Treatment System

Hardness minerals form a curd when mixed with soaps and detergents or many know it as “soap scum.” When you wash clothes, dishware, or yourself this scum coats everything and causes the “squeaky clean” feel to your skin and hair, what you are actually feeling is sticky soap scum! This soap scum also collects in the drain piping and septic system pipes and leach fields. By softening the water with a water treatment system, soaps and detergents are free to do there job and rinse thoroughly.  In turn, we use less soap, detergent and do not get the scum residue on what we are washing. The hard water hardness minerals also build up in piping, on fixtures and in water heaters costing customers money.  By installing a water treatment system, you are reducing or eliminating the negative impacts hard water minerals can cause.

High-Efficiency Metered Water Softeners

There are many water treatment system available.  The conventional solutions include high-efficiency metered demand type water softeners. These are softeners that regenerate the softening resin used to remove hardness from the water, as needed with salt. The new computerized high-efficiency models minimize salt and water use while ensuring soft water with the customers varying water usage. Non-computerized metered models are also available to reduce salt and water use while adapting to fluctuating water usage and although not used very often today time clock models are also available that on preset days regenerate regardless of water use, these are the least expensive but also the least efficient and can allow hard water to get through during higher than normal water usage.

No Salt Water Softening

Another water treatment system we provide is a water softener salt free system that uses technology that does not use salt or water to reduce the effects of water hardness. These catalytic conditioners are a good solution for customers who want to reduce hard water problems without salt, electricity and water usage.

The electronic models that wrap a wire around the water pipe in our opinion do nothing to alleviate the problems of hard water. In fact, local sellers of these type of units are selling customers expensive polyphosphate feed filters to mask hardness problems at great ongoing cost while claiming chemical-free treatment.

Interested in a Water Treatment System? Free On-Site Water Evaluation

Our services include an FREE on-site water evaluation to test your water and evaluate your water system and usage.  This provides us the ability to make a recommendation custom tailored to your situation.  Here at American Clear Water LLC., we can provide a water treatment system to fit all your water problems and needs.   Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction while minimizing your investment and need for ongoing maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your free test.