Well Water Treatment Camp Hill and More

Along with well water benefits can come well water issues.  Prevent damage to your appliances, septic lines, and avoid unwanted health issues with American Clear Water LLC.’s well water treatment in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Sulfur Smell in Your Water Well Water Treatment Camp Hill
Common Well Water Issues Camp Hill

Hard Water

Does your water have a high mineral content?  If so, you may have hard water issues.  When high levels of magnesium and calcium are present in your well water, treatment may be necessary.  Hard water is extremely common affecting 90 percent of households nationwide.  Hard water can damage your household plumbing, appliances, and clothes over time.  Leading to mineral buildup which can shorten your appliances lifespan, make them less effective and require more power for operation. While hard water is not considered a serious health risk, it can cause damage to your hair and skin.

  • Mineral buildup
  • Soap scum
  • Premature failure of a water heater
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Dull scratchy clothing
  • Spots on dishes, flatware, and glasses

Acidic Water

Water can become acidic due to rainfall, runoff from mining, or plant life decomposition.  Acidic water can corrode plumbing increasing the risk for leaks and burst pipes. Lead can cause serious health problems, especially in children. Additionally, sink stains can indicate corrosion is leaching lead from old plumbing into your well water.

  • Corroded faucets and fixtures
  • Leaks in plumbing
  • Cloudy water
  • Metallic or bitter-tasting water

    Fecal Bacteria

    Human and animal waste which contains E. coli and coliform can enter well water through runoff, cracks in well lids or walls, or overflowing septic tanks and sewage lines.

    • Gastrointestinal illness
    • Odor may or may not be present


    Fluoride occurs naturally in well water however amounts can vary.  While fluoride helps prevent cavities and stains on your teeth, fluoride must be present in the correct amounts.  Excessive or minimal amounts can both cause problems for your health.

    Iron and Manganese

    Iron and Manganese can be found naturally in the ground.  High levels of these two minerals can leave unwanted deposits on your household appliances but pose no health risk.

    • Black stains
    • Red, orange, or brown sink and bathtub stains
    • Metallic, tasting water
    • Cloudy or orange water
    • Oily water surface

     Hydrogen Sulfide

    Hydrogen sulfide can be produced from the breakdown of organic matter when oxygen gas is not present. This generally happens with the use of sewers and swamps.  This gas is highly flammable and corrosive which can damage pipes and leach metals into your drinking water.

    • Water that smells like rotten eggs
    • Stained laundry
    • Discolored silverware, brass, and copper
    • Stained bathroom fixtures


    Ground disturbances, runoff, or drilling can lead to high levels of suspended sediment in your well water. Turbidity can result in bacterial, or viral infections.

    • Cloudy or dirty water

    Well Water Treatment Camp Hill

    American Clear Water LLC. provides two main options for well water treatment in Camp Hill.  Our SideKick Single Tank Aeration Filter and an Ultra Violet Sterilizer.  While the SideKick Single Tank Aeration Filter can help with iron stains and sulfur smells, the Ultra Violet Sterilizer can help when well water tests positive for microbiological contaminants.  Whether or not your well water has tested positive for bacteria or you are experiencing other issues discussed above installing one of our well water treatment in Camp Hill options can ensure the best water quality for your home.

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    Contact American Clear Water LLC. today to discuss your well water treatment in Camp Hill options.  At American Clear Water LLC. we provide an on-site water test to ensure an accurate water treatment plan is in place for your well water.