Water Treatment and Services

Water Treatment and Services

Water Treatment System Installation & Service

After a thorough evaluation of your needs, we professionally install, start-up, and service all of your water system and water treatment equipment. We also deliver softener salt right to your salt tank. Since we are independent, we are free to utilize the best available equipment and methods appropriate for your situation. You won’t be locked into overpriced equipment as you might with a franchise company.

Water Testing

We provide complimentary on-site water testing at your home or business. Contact us to schedule a visit. We’ll make recommendations for treating your water based on the test results. For additional necessary tests that cannot be done on-site, we work with a local, reputable and certified lab. 

Water Treatment

With our extensive training and experience, we can handle all of your residential and commercial water treatment needs. We have expertise in the following water treatment system technologies: water softening, water filtering, reverse osmosis, drinking water, ultra-violet sterilization, chlorination/de-chlorination, ozonation and more. We are able to correct problems with your water such as hardness (calcium and magnesium minerals and mineral deposits), iron, sulphur, bacteria, particulate matter, manganese, tannins, total dissolved solids, gases, chlorine and chlorination by-products, nitrate and more.

Well Pump & Pressure Tank Service

We replace and service well pumps, pressure tanks, switches, gauges, and controls.

Water Softener System

The majority of the greater Harrisburg municipal water and well water is hard. Exceptions include Harrisburg City water and some spots and veins of acidic water scattered throughout the area. We provide several solutions to hard water, including both conventional softeners and no salt technology. Read more about our hard water treatment system and water softener equipment.

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American Clear Water LLC

American Clear Water LLC. is a water treatment company that specializes in well water treatment, hard water treatment, water softeners, home water treatment, home water softening systems, & home water filtration systems.

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