Should I Filter My Hard Water?

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The harder a certain quantity of water is, the more minerals it contains. The main reason this question of “should I filter my hard water”, arises is this can be problematic in houses with hard water. Hard water forces you use too much soap to wash your dishes, clothes and your body, the minerals will leave a residue on them, but keep reading. Filters are not the solution. 

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water?

The minerals calcium and magnesium, are the foundation of hard water. When these minerals combine with soap, they generate a scum that adheres to your skin, hair, clothes and fixtures. Hard water can contribute to dry skin and hair. Washing your hair frequently with hard water can leave your scalp feeling itchy. The minerals in hard water can also change pH balance of your skin, weakening it as a barrier against harmful bacteria and infections. People with eczema may be especially vulnerable.


Furthermore, hard water can cause equipment like water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and showerheads to perform less efficiently than if you had a soft-water system in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, installed (known as “scale build-up”). This might increase utility costs over time especially of heating your water.

What Is A Water Filter?

Water that comes from a tap or faucet has already been filtered. The faucet’s filter screen is intended to keep small pieces of sediment out of the water coming from your faucets. However, these screens can rapidly become blocked if you have hard water and sediment running through your pipes.

What Is A Water Softener?

If your water contains too many minerals (calcium and magnesium), it’s called “hard water.” This can cause a lot of problems with your plumbing system—from clogged pipes, coating of the water heater elements to mineral build-up on fixtures—and while there are lots of ways to reduce these effects in the long run, there are also some things you can do right now to fix things up without spending too much time or money on it. With water treatment equipment, the benefits soft water can be experienced in your home.

What Does A Hard Water Filter Do?

For soft water water, a water softener is a better option not a filter. Filters can remove particles from the water. However, filters will not remove calcium, magnesium, or other minerals that cause hard water.

If you choose to use a filter instead of a softener, consider that filters will not remove the calcium and magnesium that cause hard water.

Why A Water Softener Is Better Than A Water Filter

So, should you say yes to your question of, should I filter my hard water? The answer is for particles or chlorine (carbon filter) yes, for soft water no. Filtering your hard water is not a solution to the problems it can cause, like scaly deposits, dry hair and skin, crusty fixtures, and inefficient or costly appliances. A water filter removes particles and chlorine (carbon filter) from drinking water. Chlorine is no longer necessary in your water and can be harmful to drink, bathe in or breathe in.

Water softeners are superior to filters because they remove the minerals that produce hard water. A water softener in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania works by exchanging the calcium and magnesium in hard water for sodium or potassium ions, which do not combine with soaps and detergents and rinse away clean. The major advantage of this method is that you will experience clean-feeling skin, hair, clothes, fixtures and dishes without using expensive commercial products and you can reduce your soap and detergent usage in half. Furthermore, if you have any plumbing or appliances that experience calcium accumulation (such as faucets and water heaters), these minerals might end up clogging up those parts of your home’s infrastructure over time.


Takeaway: Should I filter my Hard Water in Carlisle, PA

The actual answer is this: yes, but you also need to have a water softener as well. To really treat your water in Pennsylvania, it needs the softener process. Water is a necessity in everyday life and you want it to be free of chemicals that you don’t need in, or on you and your family. Contact American Clear Water LLC for your water treatment needs.