Energy Efficient Water Softener

At American Clear Water LLC., we are committed to doing our part to reducing our environmental impact. Some of our efforts include recycling equipment, making use of recycled products, and planning our service routes to minimize vehicle use.

We also want to help you to be environmentally conscience when it comes to the water treatment system at your home or business. The following are ways you can “go green.”

Install Energy Efficient Water Treatment Equipment

By installing energy efficient water treatment equipment, you can significantly reduce your energy use. Our high efficiency water softener gives you all of the benefits of soft water while minimizing salt and water use. Our low maintenance “green” air oxidation/filtration unit doesn’t use chemicals while treating iron and sulphur.

Soften Your Water

Water softening reduces the need for expensive and environmentally damaging soap and detergents. You’ll find that with soft water, a little soap or detergent goes a long way! Additionally, using soft water means home cleaning takes less water and frequency, thus saving on water use. Finally, soft water is much easier on your pipes and appliances, reducing maintenance and replacement costs and extending the life of your water system.

Home Water Filtration Systems

If you properly treat your water it will not only be safe to drink but will also taste great! Our reverse osmosis drinking water system is a whole home water filtration system that eliminates the need for hauling water, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles that often end up in landfills.

Other Resources
Independent study: Softeners among ‘very best’ household energy savers

This press release from the Water Quality Association explains how a water softener offers green benefits to water heaters, appliances, and showerheads.


Aquacera provides an alternative to conventional water softening equipment. Their product does not use any salt or water, adding additional softened water benefits.