City Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Harrisburg

Do you suffer from stains, mineral build-up, dish spots, or dry skin in the Harrisburg area? Or do your appliances seem to have a shorter lifespan than initially anticipated?  If so, these issues could be signs that you suffer from hard water.  In the Harrisburg area, hard water still can be an issue regardless of you relying on well water or city water.

City Water Softener HarrisburgReverse Osmosis System Harrisburg and City Water Softener Harrisburg

Regardless of where your city water comes from it is monitored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The EPA sets standards and regulations for specific levels of  90+ different contaminants in public drinking water.  However, this is typically accomplished by adding chlorine and chloramine to disinfect and kill germs.  Some individuals are sensitive to the chemical compounds and may smell or taste them when using their city water.

In order to minimize the smell and taste of chlorine and chloramine in your city water,  a city water softener in Harrisburg homes may be the answer! A city water softener in Harrisburg will reduce chlorine and chloramine while eliminating water hardening chemicals such as calcium and magnesium. 

Whether you live in the city or not, hard water is not something homeowners can afford to ignore. If you are noticing signs of hard water, purchasing a city water softener in Harrisburg maybe your best option.  In the long run, you will be glad you did.

Reverse Osmosis System Harrisburg

Some homeowners choose to use a Reverse Osmosis System in Harrisburg homes. The Reverse Osmosis filtration system uses a process in which dissolved inorganic solids such as salt are removed from a solution such as water.   This process is accomplished by your household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semipermeable membrane leaving you with great tasting water without the added chemicals such as:

  • Chlorine and Chloramine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Nitrates and Sulfates
  • Detergents and more

While the government may decide what they consider as safe to drink, you can ensure your family is provided with much higher quality tap water with the use of a Reverse Osmosis system in Harrisburg. The Reverse Osmosis system removes over 90% of just about anything that can be in your tap water and a lot of contaminants over 99%. 

The Reverse Osmosis System in Harrisburg can provide users with:

  • Improved water taste, odor, and appearance.
  • Cost savings.  Forget the water delivery service or cases of bottled water.
  • Removes harmful impurities.
  • With few moving parts, the Reverse Osmosis System is easy to clean and service.

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Contact American Clear Water LLC. today to discuss your city water softener in Harrisburg options or to have a Reverse Osmosis System in Harrisburg installed.  At American Clear Water LLC. we provide an on-site water test to ensure an accurate water treatment plan is in place for your water.