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  • Is A Home Water Filtration System Right For You?

    Everyone is concerned about the quality of the drinking water in their home. For many a home water filtration system can significantly reduce contaminants that we do not want in ...
  • Sulfur Smell in Your Water

    Sulfur Smell – Why Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs Hydrogen Sulfide can give your water a sulfur smell, also known as “rotten egg” odor, and can have several causes. If it ...
  • Chlorine In Your Water

    Chlorine is used as a disinfectant and oxidizer in water treatment throughout the United States, including right here in Central PA. In many systems the chlorine is in the water ...
  • Get Rid Of Dish Spots With A Water Softener

    Do your dishes come out of the dishwater with spots? These spots could be the result of hard water. Hard water can cause problems in places that you cannot see! ...
  • How Does a Water Softener Work?

    Hard water can cause many problems for the average homeowner. From stained faucets to soap scum to clothing wear issues, hard water can be expensive. The only real way to ...
  • Salt Free Water Softener – Does it Exist?

    Alternative Methods to Reduce Scaling in Your Water System Traditional water softeners have come under attack in parts of the US where increasing population and development lead to questions about fresh ...
  • What is Lurking in Your Tap Water?

    Is my tap water safe to drink? It is a question every home owner asks – is my tap water safe to drink? If you are using city, or municipal, water, ...
  • Water Softener System Financing Available

    American Clear Water LLC. proudly offers financing on popular water softeners and home water filtration systems MECHANICSBURG, PA; November 17, 2014, – American Clear Water LLC. makes it impossible to put ...
  • Brown Rust Stains Caused By Hard Water?

    Are These Brown Rust Stains Caused By Hard Water? Rust stains on concrete, brown stains in your toilet. Unfortunately these unsightly stains happen. Even though they look like rust, they maybe ...
  • 6 Signs You Have Hard Water

    Believe it or not, you can fix mineral build-up on faucets, ugly stains in your tub, or dull clothing and itchy skin. But first, you need to determine the cause. ...
  • Well Water Problems in Central PA

    Bacteria Plagues Well Water Well water is a common source of potable water in Central Pennsylvania. According to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, there are over one million private wells ...
  • Water Softening Services A Must In Central PA

    The Evolution of a Water Softener Water softening services are necessary in most parts of the country, including Central Pennsylvania. Many water customers suffer from soap scum, spotty dishes, graying clothes, ...
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