Our Services


Water Treatment Equipment Maintenance / Repairs

Maintaining water treatment equipment is necessary to keep your family safe and healthy. Well water treatment in Pennsylvania can provide clean drinking water to your family. Wells draw untreated water from underground, bacteria and organic pollutants are commonly found in well water. American Clear Water can take care of all of your equipment maintenance needs.

Well Pump & Pressure Tank Service

Since many people rely on wells to deliver their water supply, keeping your well in tip-top shape is vital to your health and the sanitary condition of your home or workplace. American Clear Water replaces and services well pumps, pressure tanks, switches, gauges, and controls.

Water Treatment Equipment Installation & Service

After a thorough evaluation of your needs, we professionally install, start-up, and service all of your water system and water treatment equipment. We also deliver softener salt right to your salt tank. Since we at American Clear Water are independent, we are free to utilize the best available equipment and methods appropriate for your situation. You won’t be locked into overpriced equipment as you might with a franchise company.